Why I Left ABA Socially Anxious Advocate https://sociallyanxiousadvocate.wordpress.com/
TW: ableist Lovaas quote, brief mention of electric shock

I'm Sorry But That's Not Earning Your Token Ink and Daggers http://ink-and-daggers.tumblr.com/
TW: aversives (including an image of an aversive in use at the top of the page), shouting as intimidation, psychological and physical (sensorial) abuse

Dear "Good Behaviorists" Ink and Daggers http://ink-and-daggers.tumblr.com/
TW: brief mention of JRC/electric shock

I Abused Children For A Living Diary of a Birdmad Girl https://madasbirdsblog.wordpress.com/
TW: planned ignoring, restraint, brief references to grooming, domestic violence, bullying and fake friends, "quiet hands," aversives, electric shock, physical abuse, gay conversion therapy

I Abused Children And So Do You: A Response To An ABA Apologist Diary of a Birdmad Girl https://madasbirdsblog.wordpress.com/
TW: This is an EXTREMELY long article which includes many links to other articles, videos, images, etc. It contains MANY TRIGGERS of all kinds, so please use caution when reading. I am trying to include every trigger I can think of in this warning, but due to the length, there is a possibility I might have missed something. Here are some of the things to look out for: 

images and/or videos of torture (beatings, electric shock, restraint, shouting in children's faces, spray bottle aversives), description of all of these and other aversives used in ABA, discussion of Lovaas' sadistic experiments in both autistic conversion therapy and gay conversion therapy, Autism Speaks, awareness, Judge Rotenburg Center (including survivor accounts), physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, bullying, suicidality and completion of suicide, internalized ableism, cure culture, ABA apologism, filicide, murder apologists, wanna-be murderer vocalizing her filicide fantasy (video footage)


TW: While ABA therapy is inherently ableist and abusive, we have tried to provide specific trigger warnings on each post as needed.

Please let us know if we missed anything.
Former Therapists On ABA