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Full Text of Lovaas "Me Book" Internet Archive
TW: This is the foundational document of ABA, written by the sadistic pioneer of ABA "therapy" & is literally a 'How To' guide for child abuse. It is quite possibly the most triggering and disturbing thing on our website. Please take caution. Triggers include:

ableism (both in language and perspectives), promotion of child abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, bullying and intimidation including shouting at children to invoke fear, restraint and seclusion, withdrawal of affection as punishment, starvation, electric shock, forced intimacy, forced eye contact, forced stillness/suppression of stims or any movement

Library of the History of Autism Research, Behaviorism, and Psychiatry
CN/TW: This is an index and contains many links from various sources, but there are likely to be triggers for physical abuse, ableism, electric shock, and psychological abuse

Screams, Slaps, and Love Life Magazine, curated by
TW: ableism, images and descriptions of children being tortured and in distress, physical abuse, electric shock, forced intimacy, victim blaming

Behavioral Treatment of Deviant Sex-Role Behaviors in a Male Child Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, curated by
TW: bigotry and abuse against gender non-conforming children, gay conversion therapy

The "Effeminate Boys" Studies Emma Pretzel

TW: gay conversion therapy, bigotry against gender non-conforming children

Judge Rotenberg Center Living Archive Lydia X. Z. Brown

TW: Judge Rotenberg Center, institutions, electric shock, physical abuse

Saving Autistics and The World: Skin Shock at the 2009 ABA Convention Michelle Dawson
TW: Judge Rotenberg Center, electric shock, restraint

Activists Protest The Judge Rotenberg Center at ABAI

TW: Judge Rotenberg Center, electric shock & restraint (including video footage)

'Cardgate' Scandal Uncovers Widespread Disrespect Of Autistic People NOS Magazine

TW: bullying, behaviorists making jokes about disabled people and the abusive practices used against them (electric shock and other aversives, physical coercion, restraint, feces

ABA Providers Making Fun of Autistic People Amy Sequenzia

TW: bullying, behaviorists making jokes about disabled people and the abusive practices used against them, ableism, references to electric shock, coercion, institutionalization, R-word, poop jokes, TAGteach (clicker training)


* TW: While the practice, history, and culture of ABA was founded on, and continues to be riddled with ableism and abuse, we have tried to

 provide specific trigger warnings for each of the below posts as needed.

Please let us know if we missed anything.

ABA's Abusive History And Culture
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